Forex Analyser automatically analyses your MetaTrader 4 charts using technical indicators and price action patterns to assist you with your trading.
When your chosen analysis finds a trading signal you can be alerted via a pop up window, email or SMS.
You can also set the Forex Analyser to place and manage your trades when there is a trading signal.
Forex Analyser contains 25 technical indicators, 10 candlestick patterns and full money management settings.
Forex Analyser is the complete hands free forex chart analysis software that allows you to monitor multiple currency pairs and timeframes fast and effectively.

Technical Indicators

Forex Analyser has 25 technical indicators and conditions built in which can be switched on/off.
View Trading Indicators

Candlestick Patterns

Forex Analyser has 10 candlestick patterns built in which can be switched on/off.
View Candlestick Patterns


Combine technical indicators and candlestick patterns for chart analysis using on/off switches.
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Forex Analyser will analyse charts and alert you to trading signals so that you can maintain full control over your trading.


Forex Analyser will analyse charts and manage trading fully automated with built in money management system.

Create Your Own

Select the technical indicators and candlestick patterns that you want to use for your chart analysis trading signals using on/off switches.

Optimal Settings

Optimize Forex Analyser on any currency and timeframe to find optimal settings. Use these settings for semi or fully automated trading signals. Free optimization guide included.


Days / Hours / Order ID / Stop Loss / Take Profit / Break Even / Close % / Trail / Maximum Spread / Maximum Slippage / Lots / Risk / 25 Indicators + Conditions + Inputs / 10 Candlestick Patterns / Sound Alerts / Allow Trading.

Setup & Support

Instruction manual included for a quick and easy setup. Full support is provided.

Step 1

Install Forex Analyser on MetaTrader 4.

Step 2

Load Forex Analyser onto charts and customize inputs or use optimal pre-sets.

Step 3

Get trading signal alerts for manual trading or trade fully automated.